‘Okay’ Tiny Tales

'Okay' Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Okay’

Here are our favorite submissions


By Lavanya Raghuraman 


The word that has just one direct meaning

but a million hidden emotions

By Rinku Shah 

How often we feel life is in a rut
Ignored feelings of the gut

The timeline within our mind and lives is not in sync
Like there is a missing link

Tired of wearing a fake smile
Want to be Me for a while

Everywhere I look there is masquerade
I want to withdraw from this charade

Pleasing people and towing the line
Fed up of saying… ‘I’m fine’

Finally I feel it’s Okay
To walk away

Things will soon be alright
At the end of the tunnel there is light

By Sherry Greene 

He: Let’s get together.
She: Okay.
He: I want you to be mine.
She: Okay.
He: I possess you.
She: Okay.
He: I no longer love you.
She: Okay.
Friend: Hey! How are you doing!
She: Okay.

Jay An It’s okay not to be okay.

 By Parth Narayanan 

If only…

I could have said okay to your okay…

If only..

By Jay An 

It’s okay not to be okay.

By Shambha Shivaa 

It happens so in the journey of life..
you stumble upon someone whom your soul recognizes..
They bring light and your heart smiles .
Sadly they are the ones who leave without good byes..
And you stay there cluelss..
But it’s okay..
even the best ones leave..

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