Ode To A Dog...


Ode to a dog… True, pure unconditional love. 

In my darkest days, you were the beacon of light.

Alone in the corner I wept, you stayed by me tight.

You licked away my tears, letting me know it’s alright,

Giving me comfort, all through the night. 

Your head on my lap, your paw holding mine,

Accepting my feelings, with no regard to your own timeline.

Never to judge, never to tease,

Only to love, to comfort and to please.

In my sickest days, as I lay numb to the pain,

Knowing the gift of life, I was never to gain.

You laid by my side, never to leave me,

As you watched those I love, disregard me with ease. 

It’s easy to share the good times and laughter,

But a true friend will be there in times of disaster.

No matter the emotion, no matter the mood,

A dog will never judge you, well maybe, if it involves food. 

Thank you for the unconditional love, and for the lessons, you have taught me.

To accept the day with promise, for all it can be.

That it’s okay to feel, no matter the emotion,

That you are a friend I can count on, with true utter devotion. 

I hope I have given you a life you deserve,

For it has been you that has given me back my nerve.

A place in my heart you will forever be.

My best friend in life, from now to eternity.


Nancy Shurkoff - writer, poet, voice over talent