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Next time you Gaze up at the Sky

Next time you Gaze up at the Sky

Here’s something to think about, the next time you gaze up at the night sky… there IS a reason why, there IS a point to all this… there IS a fundamental reason why there happens to be billions of stars up there… not just millions.. but billions… think about it… how many people are alive at this moment..? 6-7 billion..? how many have lived on this planet since the dawn of awareness..? 100+ billion..? how many, through the ages, through the millennia, how many of us have looked up in wonder and awe at the night sky, at least, many times in their life..? oh-so-busy lives, too busy to look up, but the sky remains… everyone has, everyone does, and everyone will… what i’m saying is, is there is a star up there, for each of us, regardless of social situation, location or persuasion.. there is a star with your name on it, up there somewhere, it just takes time to find it… take comfort in that for a start… even the word, the beginning, the start… the star-t… we came from the stars and we will return, “Ending is not in our Destiny” to quote a wise quote 😉 it is a cycle; as the planets dance around the sun, we will dance around our stars… let that sink in for a while… now close your eyes, keep them closed, reeaally tight.!! now you see stars, right..??? stars, inside…? as we learn and gain knowledge and understanding of this world, ourselves, each other, and that big ol’ sky up there, as we learn, our minds expand… now, look again, up into the night, past the moon, past the stars.. the universe is always expanding, is it not..?? the universe is expanding… your mind is expanding, the universe is expanding… the universe, is a mind, expanding… close your eyes again, tighter this time… see the infinite stars, on the inside, now open your eyes and see the infinite stars on the outside, up there… As Above, So Below…. as we expand our minds with knowledge, so the universe itself, expands along with us, it wants to learn, as we do… “But wait..!” you may ask “how can the universe “see stars” inside its own mind?” After deep thought on this subject I may have an out-there theory which may answer this very question… Black Holes… those enigmatic, unconquered, un-travelled-through, wtf’s that no-one seems to understand properly yet… Those things are the key; Black holes are the eyes of the universe… and they are being squeezed reeeaaally tight, just like you did earlier… the stars we can see, are the stars inside the mind of the universe, and we are the thoughts, the combined thinking processes inside the mind of the universe… When we become aware of this, when we realise that not only are we the infinite thoughts of the universe itself, we each already are gifted with, and hold an infinite universe inside our minds… each and every imagination on this planet already has, can and will, create everything possible, and imagine everything impossible… all the potential and power and love and fear and wonder and war and peace and more love and everything else imaginable… everyone thinks about everything… that’s what the phrase means, we are all one, we are all connected… that’s what its all about… to know there is a star up there, just for me, and one just for you, that’s destiny… that’s what life is all about, finding your own star in this crazy life and then helping as many people as possible to find theirs and share the sky.. there’s more than enough up there to go around and all are welcome xx I fall in love with the universe, every time I look up at the stars… I hope you will too

– Neill Cockling

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