New Digital Age

New Digital Age

The evolution of human species and the advancement in the development of technology has enabled us to use GPS without which today’s life is almost impossible. We are developing vehicles that will be managing artificial intelligence over defined maps, the vehicles become autonomous without the need for human intervention except when the human issues the command for the ultimate destination, and artificial intelligence determines the most economical route, no-stop route or any other obstacle to securely arrive at Destinations And then the roles are changed artificial intelligence passes into the role of a driver while a human takes on the role of travelers. The question that arises on the apparently idyllic situation is whether at this moment the basic human rights have been violated? What if a pilot or artificial intelligence “decides” not to allow stopping and abandoning the vehicle? Is the basic human right questioned here, are humans will be prevented to make free decision?


If this hypothetical thesis is taken into account, and if we assume that there has been disagreement in the opinions and inability to reach an agreement, then there is a need for a third impartial party in order to resolve the dispute. If we assume that this third party is a court or other competent authority than there is a need for engagement of the legal representatives of the parties in the dispute. If we are guided by the rules that each party has a parable on the same defence, does this mean that the “Pilot” or artificial intelligence is represented by another kind of artificial intelligence? Insisting on equality, this would mean that third party must be equally accepted, both from the human and artificial intelligence side, meaning that there will be a way of selecting representatives of mediators as those with ordinary human minds to those with supernatural artificial intelligence. In this case, we come to a fundamental problem in the very essence of technology development.


In order to make life easier for human beings  scientists are moving towards the development of a better and safer technology and various ways  to manage it. As we passed through years, we developed a better, faster, advanced technology that we continued to use to develop better and even faster technology in other words, technology itself is began to develop technology in order to advance by changing the essential role of humans from maker and creator to the System’s servicer in its functioning . There is only question of time, which I is not so far, when the role of the servers becomes negligible and unnecessary, and the system will develop a system whose mainly and only task will be to completely eliminate the servers. Finally, at the end or beginning, depending from which side we look, people will evolve into a system that they themselves have developed.


Has the beginning of the development of technology marked the beginning of the new stage of human evolution? Was this step missing in Darwin’s theory, or is the path from the chimpanzees not ending in man as superior, but only represents the stage necessary for the development of a new cycle known as artificial intelligence?

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