They Never Stopped Yelling

They Never Stopped Yelling
Farida Aly

They never stopped yelling
even long after they were gone.
I still don’t know
if I was to imagine
a wonderful future
or the pains I suffered
after I was born!


Debra Pry

Sometimes the cry on the inside,
is louder than the cry
on the outside.


Ann Edelman

We spend more time
talking to ourselves
than to anyone else
in the world.


Brian J Swearingen

The voices of anxiety
that won’t leave me alone.


Richa Lal

The voices in my head
are like screams all over the place
I try to hide
but there is no escape.


Sherry Greene

Crouched in a corner,
She hears the disparaging voices,
Both real and imagined.
Will you be the one
Who turns away
Will you be the one
To set her free?


Anubha Sharma

Howling at me,
those voices
just don’t let me be myself,
Completely shunned
in the four walls,
I have allowed the world
not to treat me well.


Rinku Shah

and their wrong use,
Is child abuse!
Choose to be kind,
Children have an
impressionable mind!


Aftab Hussain

Lost in the noise of others
in the world.

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