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Narcissist Silent Treatment Silent Treatment Is A Passive-aggressive Tactic

Narcissist Silent Treatment Passive aggressive Tactic

Silent Treatment
What It Is :

• Silent treatment is a passive-aggressive tactic and can be very frustrating.
• It’s about gaining a sense of control by avoidance, silence, and/or disempowerment.
• It’s a very unhealthy way of communication.
• A normal person will let you know something if they need some time to gather thoughts.
• It’s brutal and abusive behavior and a red flag.
• Silence can be very powerful when there is inequality in a relationship.

Forms Of The Silent Treatment:
1.Stonewalling. Refusing to address your concerns and withdrawing to avoid conflict.
2.Lack of touch & affection. A form of the physical silent treatment.
3.Silent treatment after a breakup. A narcissist is capable of disposing of anyone and not giving a damn about it.
4.Everyday silent treatment. Used topull away and emotionally abandon you.

Why A Narcissist Uses It:
1.Punishing you and teaching you a lesson. For example, if you set a boundary.
2.Regain power and control.
3.To devalue you.
4.For avoiding responsibility for actions.
5.To gain a new narcissistic supply.
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