My Escape. To You

My escape. To you.

In some corner of the world, there are people who were not always cheerful, prosperous and optimistic. They discovered hope, faith, dreams and courage in a very unusual manner. They slept with the works of romantic poets like Robert Frost under their pillows, and imagined what beauty would look like, got up inspired to find it.  Some confided in the works of Khaled Hosseini  demystify the complex world. Wept with chills running down their spine reading the works of Paulo Coelho realizing that in some corner of the world a guy discovered his treasure and so will they.

They found their escape.

I feel inspired to my core to bring comfort and hope to those love to bath their soul in reading.

And so, I write, with all I have.

My work has a touch of philosophy, poetry of the olden and modern days. I write to calm myself and escape the futile negativities of the world. If it calms even one person, my work is done.

Hence, My escape. To you


My sorrow and my joy

My sorrow was loud

it gathered an audience

one fine day, it was gone.

My joy is glorious

but it hides in me

afraid of the thieves

who took my sorrow.






How precious is this life on earth ?!

where gloom gifts a peek at the stars,

and so I gasp

at a piece of the universe.

My only wish akin to these stars,

is for the strength that lights up the dark!



The voices

Once I followed,

all the voices

I reached a place

the world of the dead.

They walked the same.

They talked the same.

I then followed my inner voice

oh! I saw no one

for those who followed

their own voices

had reached the worlds

of their own.



My solitude

he hides from the shadows

takes the routes


and in those paths

tormented, he fights

his own self.



From my mother

My dear, 

remember to unfurl

your wings I weaved

with all the love

I carried

in every drop 

of my soul




Mercilessly it cut her wings

but then patriarchy

gave her a daughter.

On a cold hospital bed that night,

an infant mourned the death of dreams.

Feeble mother whispered to her

“Mercilessly they cut my wings,

hence I birthed the new ones”


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About Me: Electrical Engineer who escapes into the world of poems often.

                                                                                                                             By  Hitisha Sharma




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