MY chosen family my tribe

I had been looking for the perfect mix of friends for a long time. A tribe to support me and be there for all of my interesting endeavors. I kept trying to jam pieces together that didn’t fit to get the eclectic mix of things I thought I needed. In actuality, what I needed to do was stop and wait. If I poured love into those already in my life, things would actually fall exactly where they needed to be. There are three friends I am thinking of in particular. These three individuals have each brought something unique to the table and in their own ways, taught me things I needed to know. These were things about myself, love, friendships. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have shared with each and every one of them and hope there is a lifetime full of memories.


I had scars from past friendships not going the ways I had intended and these amazing individuals not only healed those scars but replaced them with amazing times, laughter and moments. All of these individuals came to me at different points in my life and I think this was no coincidence in the timing. I have known each of them all for various amounts of time but the one thing they all have in common is that they have stayed by my side when previously, many others came and went. They prioritize checking in and maintaining our friendship no matter what else they have going on in their lives.


These individuals have become my family (by choice). This was who I chose to help me grow, be my shoulder to cry on when I needed that, the echoes to my laughter, my biggest cheerleaders and those who helped me find the teachable moments in any hard times. There are no words to express my gratitude, love and the exceptional feeling I get knowing I have such a driving force behind me that has taken past pain and turned it into something truly beautiful.



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