Money Tips The Scale Of Justice

Money Tips The Scale Of Justice
Susan Norris

Money tips the
Scale of Justice
to a breaking point.


Sarrvesh Waran

Don't open your eyes to money.
Before long, you might commit a felony.
You will find yourself
bending more and more.
Until morals to live by will be no more.
And even though justice shouts to the core.
You would never hear it's roar.
Or would you choose not to?
That's a test for the real you...


Karen MacLeod

The long reach and greed
from Our Lady of Justice
could be the fall for all.
The tipping of her scales
is the price some will pay
to keep the sword of punishment
from falling their way.


Sulekha Pande

Money makes you,
money breaks you,
in pursuit of money,
don't stoop so low,
that the scales of justice tips,
your back breaks into two,
and your dignity slips...


Philipp Manuel Palaña Lara

Money makes or breaks
ones personality,
When it comes to equality,
Always favors those who are wealthy,
Justice bends over to those in authority,
Fairness only begets animosity...


Rinku Shah

If justice can be bought.
There’s more
that needs to be done
than giving it a thought.
Let’s not stoop so low,
Being fair is not just a show!


Ceona Chambers

Money can break you
and cause you to lose everything
that really counts.
Know what's worth
bending for


Felicia Holmes

A system of justice
that can be bought,
Is fundamentally broken.


Rajeev K Singh

Don't bend the truth for money
rather amend it for mankind.


Priyanka Bhusan

No justice, no law, no ethics
We are all flexible
to bend our moral values for money



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