Message to Humanity

Message to Humanity

Something is calling me and coming through wants a message to come through. I open up the cracks letting the light shine through, for you to be reminded what is in you too. Letting go of my old self, replacing me with my higher self.  Walking, talking, breathing the divine, nothing will stop me from reaching, uplifting, awakening the masses. Creating, manifesting with my third eye. I am a pioneer of forgotten ancient times. Yet someday, somehow I knew we would remember who we are and what our purpose is.  Reactivation, Re-Awakening from our hypersleep.

We are awake and nothing will stop us, we are the divine, evil on the path will bow down to our light. With my will, I will shine my light so bright for you through your darkest nights. Together we are rising back to our forgotten ways. Rising higher with each sunrise so come on brothers and sisters lets fly together into eternity as we co-create the new world peace for our children’s sake. Revolution is here, revolution is now, evolution is the mission and now we remember how to escape from these fictitious, unrealistic expectations of this false world that was created. The Secret is out and we will succeed and we will fight for this dream until we die. We are the light warriors of the world and we will bring heaven to earth and bring world peace. 

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