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Mental Illness The New Normal

Mental Illness

The world as we know it has changed drastically due to the many external locus of control extremities that have occurred globally. The Covid pandemic is the most widely felt human catastrophe that has left people around the world with devastating mental illnesses such as depression, TSD, PTSD, paranoia, and anxiety to name just a few.

The necessities of the pandemic required us to learn how to live in isolation, and not everyone is capable of learning this life skill.

The world was suddenly jerked into the reality of practicing social distancing in a world where we all had free will to go where we wanted to go and be with whom we wanted to be. How then, do we as human beings adjust at lightning speed to a new normal? Well, the sad reality is, that the world was not ready, and the people were not ready.

The loss of loved ones torn from us and taken into a sterile unknown abyss never to be seen again, with no goodbye, no closure, no ritual to honor their passing, has caused irreparable harm to our collective mental health.

Learning to live with the new normal

As time passes, the world seems to be spinning out of control again ravaged by war, where the innocent suffer for the sins of the oppressors in the name of power and ego. Where children have left orphans and the elderly are killed because they cannot move fast enough.

Social media has brought the images to our homes and minds and we are all suffering the atrocities of that which is out of our control once again.

Mother nature cries because of the atrocious actions of mankind and is spitting back with a vengeance causing catastrophic natural disasters around the world and causing more devastation and human loss.

As we struggle to get back up, each time we get knocked down, we are faced with a new normal that has completely obliterated the old world we once knew. Things will never go back to what it was. So, let us embrace our strengths and collectively stand together and find ways in which to build our mental capacity to deal with the magnitude of changes we face and with the force that is hitting us. Let us learn to build our resilience and face each situation for what it is, one step at a time.

We cannot change what we cannot change. But we can change how we adjust our sails. Each time we come through a cycle of change, we come out stronger with the wisdom of experience. This wisdom is our building block for a new nation of stronger human beings. We are not victims, we are survivors.

We are not losers, we are victors. Embrace this new normal. We have the innate capability and capacity to make a difference.