When My Memories of Love will Haunt You, You’ll Return to Me

Who never wants true and healthy relationship? Every man and woman believes they are exceptional and worthy of receiving heartwarming and pleasing relationship, and why not to expect when they are genuine. Yet if you will glimpse around you will find so many relationships burning on the fire of dissatisfaction, and with every passing day thermostat of frustration mounts high.

Apparently every finger of a hand is not of the equal size, same with the relationships, exceptions are always there, and there are many relationships chock-full of love and romance.

It becomes more challenging when an emotional guy falls into love. His ways of expressing love are always special, especially if the guy has an artistic character. We all know that artistic men are the strange people – though less than women – and their passion for their partner are somewhat melodramatic but fascinating. With intense feelings and zeal, I believe, artists make their love stories the greatest. What do you think?

What is Love?

Love is the simplest word of the world, yet the most difficult to narrate. Some people break all those traditional boundaries and love their beau beyond the conventional semblance of romance. And one such lover is Ulay, whose life confers an example of true love. He loves her from the bottom of her heart – not like the modern days where one lover loves another from the bottom of his text.

When the love story of Ulay began, that I don’t know, but it sadly ended in 1970. Ulay and his girlfriend considerately decided to end their love relationship. They both met last time at the Great Wall of China to terminate what their heart had instigated, to cut the emotional thread that was binding both of them. That was the heart-wrenching moment for those two lovers when they walk towards each other and meet at the middle, hug each other and say their last goodbye.

Ulay was looking quite hushed. He didn’t say much to his girlfriend. They turned their back to each other and, in the end, left.

*30 years later*

Marina held a live art performance. There she was spending one minute in silence with complete strangers, sitting on a table and staring each other. Probably she was seeking some sort of inspiration for her next art by feeling their energy.

One guy came and sat in front of Marina with smiling face that seemed to have some individual energy to pass, emotions to raise, memories to call. They looked in the eyes of each other. The reaction of Marina was also special to the guy. He was indeed a special guy; the man was Ulay (at 1:30 in the video). Yes, Marina was the girl whom he loved more than anything and when she asked that she couldn’t load the relationship, Ulay left wordlessly.

Watch the video here:

Ulay might be her ex-boyfriend, but for Ulay, Marina is still his present love.

They saw each other first time after more than 30 years. That moment is love – When words lose their importance and what remains is the language of hearts. I wonder what their hearts would be expressing at the time when their eyes met after 30 years. What Ulay would have said before waiving the last goodbye? May be something like:

“The Lost Love”

Dejection of love again running through my vein,

Ell of pain as if my inheritance.

Nobody knows my soul tears away when the Sun lost.

The smile I adorn turn into a dummy clumsy piece when I feel loosing you.

Hey! You were like that bright sun to me, now that is hiding and I’m left behind

Like those lonely naked trees.

I’m exhausted with dodge existence of love.

Sitting under the dark, wide spread, starry sky.

I am left empty inside, my heart is feeling like a strange space,

Your absence and memories are killing me; this is something I can’t replace.

You are my world; since you were not here I was drowning in woe.

I am tedious of this acute heart ache. I retained, I promised you.

Nobody can apart me from you, I would die if I will go through.

I will fulfill my promise, believe me, my love for you is true!

Now I have nothing to do but break down and cry.

This time at least; please listen to me,

These are my last words to say you Goodbye.

Ulay and Marina may feign that they have shattered their relationship but their heart is still filled with spirit of love for each other. This is such a heartwarming love story that reminds us that relationships may end, feelings may fade, time may pass, but memories of love remain unsullied in our hearts.

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