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Loving a warrior.

loving warrior

Faded hazy evenings
faded hazy scatters from the past,
brushed off my ears like the cold winter air.
Amidst the thoughts of what was what ain’t fair,

You came in so strong, eagle-eyed,
as fierce as a bullet in the hole.
You had a past too, but nothing to hide.
Always told me to be strong, never lose control.

Intimidated by the thought of loving a warrior,
I ran away as fast as I could,
not fast enough that I’ve should.
Symbolized power, source of energy carrier.

Told me sky was his home
I was too scared to lift my feet up off the ground
Everyday I’d tell him Au revoir, shalom!
But he’d tell me sky is his home he’d never touch the ground.

Scared by the thought of loving a warrior
I clung to the rusted shallow ladder of the past .
Used to tell me “damn you gotta get disciplined”.
But I’d tell him C’mon we’re just friends!

He’d say one day you’ll not be scared of the sky, my home will give you peace like your own.
All those unrequited nights didn’t work too well!
More intimidated by the thought of loving a warrior
Everything seemed impossible like a stubborn barrier.

But eyes fierce like a tiger, he’d fight the destiny.
Told me “once you step into my shoes you’ll see the fear was nothing but just the ghosts of the past”.
The future is beautiful and vast.

But I’m just a girl you found at the corner of the street wearing bunny headgears!
So you are you gonna pretend that I’m the one despite seeing me pass out coz of my fears?

The warrior was like a thunder wrapped up in the lap of the soft cloud,
unlike anything I’ve ever seen

Suddenly his eagle fierce eyes would turn into soft ambers and he’d whisper “you’re all I ever wanted”
But by thought of loving a warrior I ran as fast as I could.
You were the straight line on the rock and I was the calligraphy, flowing everywhere,
With the thought of loving a warrior I ran as fast as I could. 

Ritika Verma

Just a girl in the learning phase, when I'm not busy designing clothes, I write about life and everything that revolves around it. Mental health survivor, mental health advocate, body positive and confidence advocate.View Author posts