Love Vs. Enabling Part 3

Love Vs. Enabling Part 3
Dear Advocates,
Healthy relationships are always built on a foundation of strong morals. Each individual in the relationship, no matter the dynamic, is called to make a firm stand on their own morals and never compromise those morals for the sake of the relationship.
When morals are compromised, the relationship goes from a loving one to a toxic one; actions go from loving to enabling. Enabling means compromising your own morals because you believe the toxic person will be threatened as a result of them. This is not to say that love doesn’t make compromises, but love will never make a compromise when it comes to someone’s moral convictions.
What happens as a result of compromising your moral convictions is that your love begins to become formless, and without boundaries. A love without form and boundaries is a disaster waiting to happen. Why? Because love purposely limits itself to achieve purity, wholeness, healing, and security. Without limits and boundaries, no respect can be established, and without respect being established, trust cannot be established.
Loving a toxic person means standing on your morals no matter what. This will establish strong, sturdy boundaries and provide the opportunity for each person in the relationship to grow through self-sacrifice and purposed limitations, which creates self-discipline and a healthy mindset of humility.
Healthy relationships thrive on moral stability. This is because moral stability creates a foundation of solidity, gives each person in the relationship a common grounds, and empowers each individual in the relationship with the gift of accountability, which is one of the best buffers against toxicity that healthy relationships provide.
Toxic relationships that are filled with enabling attitudes and actions create strife and devastation so quickly because they are constantly shifting, never have a centrifuge of safety, and never allow for accountability, which kills the opportunity for growth and positive change.
-Gavi, your Advocate for Healthy Relationships
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