Only Love Can Break A Heart

Only Love Can Break A Heart
Debra L Laing

Only love can break a heart.
Only love can mend it again.

Frankie Crabtree

I got you and you got me.
Together is where
we always want to be.
When you push, I will pull.
Until we’re back together and full
Of the love, we will forever share.

M Jeyaram

They say two to tango;
When you let go of your ego,
The souls of the duo echo
“Life is beautiful in One go”
Bruises, scars, tears
Are the token of cheers
You won out of the fires.
Love makes life awesome
Life turns lovers handsome.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Patching together,
The love of our life,
Not easy though,
Takes two to tango.
Need to hold our ends,
Not let them falter,
A proper bond formed,
Never have to bother later.

Nuhrez Khan

No strings attached they said
and yet that is what was needed
when the time came
to mend the broken heart.

Johnny Lee Sears Jr

You start pulling your way,
I’ll start pulling mine
When we meet in the middle,
love is what will find
See the gap is really little,
if we just meet in the middle

Samuel Jones

It’s funny how urgent,
it becomes in part,
when words become daggers,
to each other’s heart.

Now mending is essential,
to healing the pain,
by loving again,
to remove the stain

Sarrvesh Waran

To prevent the relationship
from breaking apart,
Love has got to come
from each of our heart.
We have got to pull this together,
If we hope to love forever.
Ant time love may fall.
But it is in hands,
It is our call.

Debra Pry

Hearts are broken
and mended with love.

Aditi Prabhu

Strange isn’t it.
Love can break,
Love can heal.
Love is all that you need
to go from me to we.

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