Love as I thought, It was, And what it’s supposed to be

Love as I thought, It was, And what it's supposed to be

Have you ever met a man,
A man who’s willing to travel to cross countries to see the woman they love,
A man who cooks something for the person they love,
A man who crosses floods,
A man who would simply do anything to make you happy,
A man who would just like to protect you,
A man who would just like to make you laugh throughout your years,
A man who would stay beside you whatever happens,

Say Hi, that used to be me,
So what happened along the way you ask?,
Why did I change,

Well Dear,
We could all agree that pain changes us in ways that we could never go back to the way we were,
As you see people merely see your worth,
People would judge you based on your actions,
But remember they judge because it’s too hard for them to think,
It’s too hard for them to try to understand,
It’s too hard for them to feel,

In our world we have too many critics,
We should simply encourage people for their dreams,
It’s their only escape from reality,
So let them dream,
As for me well my dream is to Love.

People kills and destroys what they don’t understand,
People can’t understand Love they destroyed it with fake relationships,
People can’t understand God they destroyed him with fake religion,
The very fact that people didn’t understand Christ they crucified him,

They themselves allowed Religion to divide us,
They themselves allowed wealth to classified us,
As you can see we are mere Human,
And as mortals we tend to break,

But we should always forgive now don’t we,
Yes dear forgive,
We shouldn’t blame them,
As they have encountered people who’s only intention is too hurt others,
They want love so badly but they are not willing to give it,
In this world where everybody is looking for the one,
You should be the one,

We should never get tired of loving,
As loving is not really something to get tired of,
We do however would eventually get tired of being declined,
When we simply want to give,
Ironic now isn’t it?
The way this world works,

But remember you have to prove no one,
aside from yourself,
So prove it to yourself that your capable of loving and send it out to whoever needs it.

If someone ever doubts your action or your words,
Stay but only give love when they say they need it from you,
Give it to the rest of the world,
Be the different path,
Be the light,
Be the reality of your dreams,
Be the one who stands,
Between wrong and right,
As your voice shall live,
When you take a stand,
It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams.

Send out your love,
As it will pass by wait for it will comeback to the people you love,
As this world is small they might need it someday,
So help yourself, Spread the love, Start now and Start today.
Love can change the world.
See you didn’t become worse,
At the very fact you became better.

And remember people love differently my dear.

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