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Letting Go

when you gave up on someone or on people,it doesn’t always mean you stopped loving him or her or them. Sometimes,what it means is you can’t pity yourself,tell you can carry on,forgive even nobody deserves forgiveness,wait for something that seems very impossible,hope that everything will eventually be alright, and fool yourself by believing your own lies-anymore.

We give up not always because we are too weak to endure and persist,but sometimes because we are too emotionally exhausted,we want to end our suffering, and give ourselves the self-love we deserves-already.

James America

James America is a passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast. James loves to reach out to people by writing interesting and informative blogs and articles on spirituality, astrology, lifestyle, introversion, along with quotes, thoughts, memes, etc. Loves reading, writing, workout, football, music, movies, and traveling.View Author posts