Lets help each other – Comment your deepest questions below

 October 20, 2016

Lets help each other - Comment your deepest questions below

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  1. Why do we put up with people because we think that we love them?, but they don’t show that they love you back, instead they don’t make time for us and then when they see them they act like nothing happened?

    • I kinda am guilty to that, sometimes I can’t help break with everyone I know, for different reasons, some mine (introvert, depression, anxiety), some theirs (lack of genuine intrest, no trust, all for personal gain). Although it might just be my perspective on things. Ofcourse it would be hard to answer that question, since i haven’t had the experiences you had in your life, and even the fact that you are female might change the way certain people interact with you. Deep down you should know if you really love someone, but it gets complicated when both parties have a perspective on the other that isn’t accurate. If your lucky its a type of person who you can discuss anything with without it getting personal. If so talk to them, take a chance and open up (knowing how difficult it may be). If not, maybe try to subtly hint or ask questions. Maybe its time to let them go. Only you hold the answer.

  2. Beth Wilson, I could never support this system/platform, whatever you choose to call it. It seeks to dredge funds from others to take care of us….I’d rather be working and tending to my own house. I don’t need a mommy and daddy anymore to tell me how to speak politically correctly, when the same platform allows the unrighteous slaughter of babies, while professing to protect children. I don’t need a mommy and daddy to teach me only one viewpoint in school and ignore intelligent design. I don’t need a mommy and daddy to dole out a stipends and an allowance they stole from someone else through their legal foundations, while persecuting other rich folks for using legal tax shelters. These people speak out of both sides of their mouth….I could never trust them to tell me the truth about anything…only what they are paid alms to say.

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