Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Sometimes in relationships people drag us into their patterns, insecurities or problems without us knowing that they have them.

Until the time comes and we get surprised that we were just being the pattern of someone else’s insecurities. We start to wonder, we get hurt, we feel sad and we try to lift ourselves up and move forward.

Trust me no matter how strong you are, you will have days where you will feel down.


Why this person did what he did?

Am i not good enough? What does the other has that i don’t?

And we start to compare and to criticize yourself. I could have done better,i could ,i could, etc.

But the truth is. It is not always about us sometimes it is about them.

People come into our life for a reason. To teach us a lesson or to teach themselves  a lesson. We needed a lesson maybe and we learned it. It is hard of course but no lesson is learned easily.

No matter what happened. No matter how much it hurts. Relationships ends and you have to deal with that.

So, Get up move forward and let go of what is holding you down. You never know what the universe has in store for you.

Have faith.


1 thought on “Lesson Learned”

  1. some relations are not worth your time but we hangaround because we are insecure
    like being a bad marriage or husband who dont treat and respect wife
    I know a couple of families who still deal with husbands where they dont share common things living under a single roof for the sake of children
    shedding tears about the life they are facing
    Remember no one is worth your tears my dear !Slap them all move on with your life
    Standout, and search for your tranquil and happiness .Universe has lot stored for you .
    Never waste the time on someone not worth your happiness

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