Keep writing your story until you get it right!

Keep writing your story until you get it right!

Awilda Falcon


Keep writing your story 
until you get it right!
Nancy Shurkoff 
I am an open book, 
constantly in the edit phase.

Priyanka Tripathi

I write my destiny! 
There are few torn and crushed pages
 in the book of my life, 
But that doesn’t decide who I am. 
I am more than my mistakes, 
I am a whole book 
with lot many lessons learnt!
I write my destiny!! 
Noor Fatima
Writing my autobiography, 
tearing the pages 
of blunders of my life
that I couldn’t afford to read.
Stacey Griffin
You are the author of your own story 
Mistakes are all part of the journey, 
learn from them, try again 
and make the story a good one.


I write and write 
till I get it right.

Aderinboye Micheal Olawale

Your mind is a journal; 
you own the pen to rewrite your mistakes. 
Take out the negative pages 
while you rewrite them 
as lessons learnt.

Shubha Vasan

Keep improving the drafts 
from your past mistakes
eventually your Life-Story 
will turn out to be a bestseller!!

Debra Pry

You write the script 
to your own story in life.

Marjorie Advincula Millan

 I have a lot to tell, 
yet I do not know how to say them.

Shan Basabas

It’s my life… it’s my book
I am the writer 
and the editor of my own story

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