Just Concentrate On Making Yourself Better; Believe and Everything Else Will Follow

I know this sounds cliché and trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t a believer either, well not until recently anyways. So before you dismiss what I have to say, just take a second of your time and take a look, you might find it inspiring or at least entertaining.

A couple of months ago, I was in a completely dark place. Everything that I worked so hard for was falling apart, I got fired from my job, my boyfriend dumped me and I felt like I was dying on the inside. I had no one to talk to and was surrounded by a lot of negative emotions. Can you imagine being a refugee, being away from your family and friends and unable to do anything to solve your problems?

I didn’t know how to feel good with everything that was happening and so to cover up the hurt that I felt, I started eating, a lot. A while later I started drinking too. My schedule was basically eating and getting drunk. This went on for about two months, until one day my neighbor called me to her apartment and scolded some sense into me, which I will be eternally grateful for. We never even said hello before that and yet she cared enough to try and help me.

This woman is so content with everything that she is and has. I mean she is in her fifties and she doesn’t even have that much wrinkles. Everything that she stands for is so positive that I even started going to church with her, and day by day I was feeling better. And every time we met all she said to me was” work on yourself and trust the process”. And so I started working out daily to feel fresh and shred off the pounds that I had packed. I started taking care of me in every sense that stands for, and took a walk every evening with the woman who treated me as if I was her daughter. I never was a drunk and stopping it wasn’t that hard for me.

Two weeks later I was in a completely different place. I woke up every morning hopeful and looking forward to waking up the next day. Don’t get me wrong, my situation was still the same on the outside but on the inside I felt like a million dollars. The fact that I was feeling ok about what happened was strange to me. I mean, I grew up in a household where hard work meant everything and here I was taking care of me and feeling good about it all day long. My face was glowing, my hair looked amazing, I smiled a lot and all of that was as a result of being hopeful and positive in spite of all the chaos around me.

One Thursday morning, on 9:00 am to be precise, my phone rang and I almost fainted after what I heard. I have had applied to a prestigious job about a year ago and I never heard from them, not that I expected to. Now all of a sudden they thought I was qualified for the job, it’s my dream job by the way and they wanted me to start working as soon as the following week. I couldn’t even talk properly on the phone; all I did was breathe heavily, not even a thank you. I literally had to pinch myself to believe it and even after I read the email they sent me, I still had to ask my neighbor to read it and crosscheck.

My advice to you from experience; work on making yourself better, love yourself even when it all seems dark, let go of what you think should have been and I promise you that all of your dreams will come to you.

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