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It Is Not Who I Am Underneath But What I Do That Defines Me

It’s not who I am underneath
It Is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

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Amanda Rose

Hey! I love reading quotes on the internet because I feel they are the best way to express your feelings without saying much. When I am not poring over quotes, I love to bake and play with my adorable pit bull, Max.View Author posts

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First Love Doesn’t Count

First Love Doesnt Count

First love doesn't count. It's the last love that counts.

-Cemetery Man (1994)

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What Can Trigger Your Trauma?

SOUNDS - Hearing certain sounds or music associated with your trauma or feelings can take you back.PEOPLE - Seeing someone who is related to the trauma or who has a certain trait physically can trigger you.THOUGHTS - Certain thoughts or memories can make your brain bring you back to trauma, often unwillingly.SMELLS - Our human smell is strongly tied to our memories. As a result, certain scents can trigger trauma.

PLACES - The place where the trauma took place can be a strong trigger, as well as similar places.MEDIA - A news report, a particular movie, or a tv series can show a scene that is similar to your trauma.FEELINGS - Sometimes a feeling or emotion can trigger your trauma like a sad feeling or being in pain.SITUATIONS - If you find yourself in a situation that is similar to or remi

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If today is tough…

• Do something you love

• Spend the day in bed

• Watch a comfort movie

• Clean up your space

• Eat your favorite snack

• Reach out for help or advice

• Give yourself grace!!!

• Write down your feelings

• Spend the day offline-selfcarespotligh