Ironic free world

I am the ironic free world…. 

You have the right to free speech,
But tell me what I want to hear. I’ll tell you to stay true to who you are,
But I expect you to fit in with the normal. I’ll never make time for you, ignore and forget you exist,
But I’ll shed a tear and tell everyone how wonderful you were at your funeral. I’ll tell you to love your body,
But will shame your imperfections. I’ll encourage you to find your passion,
But laugh at your efforts. I’ll educate you to earn an honest living,
But success is only going to cost you. I’ll protect your churches,
But not always your children. I’ll tell you to be kind,
But treat you a like doormat.I’ll expect that you’re honest,
But call you an asshole.You can choose your own path,
But I must create it.I’ll break you when you dare to smile,
But wonder why you frown. You can have your own opinion,
But keep it to yourself. I’ll tell you love has no color, age, or gender,
But my ignorance will define your feelings. I am YOUR free world, ironically at a cost.

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