Perspectives Of Interracial Love

Perspectives Of Interracial Love

Anything can be a hobby as long as you are in control of what you are doing to be able to immerse yourself in what you truly enjoy doing without others dictating.

Creativity is one of the best life-enhancers, giving us a feeling of worth, satisfaction, and motivation. A hobby expands our capabilities, it gives us freedom.


What Motivates People to Struggle for Change?

There is a great number of factors that can motivate people to struggle for change, but the most frequent of them is having a more quality life.

Such extreme emotions as love, fear, loss, need, a painful existence, etc. overwhelm many people and motivates them to change.

The activity such as hobby makes our mind focused on something other than an extreme emotion. A hobby can be your reminder that regardless of the struggles in our lives, we always have a spark that can brighten our days.


Things That Motivate You in Life

Many people might say that such motivators as money, material goods, fame, etc. lead to change. These are all valid motivators, which are generally considered extrinsic.

However, there are stronger motivators, which are coming from within. They are guides in seeking a sense of well-being and happiness. It becomes what motivates people to change.

Some of these intrinsic motivators include having a sense of purpose or finding meaning in our lives, feeling trust in ourselves and others, feeling secure, growing in knowledge and skills, feeling satisfied with our performance and capabilities and also feeling appreciated.

Intrinsic motivators lead individuals to feel satisfaction in all aspects of their lives.

A hobby can be a powerful motivator as it helps people make friends, it makes them more confident personalities, and it eventually leads them to inner harmony.


From My Own Experience:

My hobby is traveling. As a child, I knew virtually all the capitals of the world and numerous other big cities spread all over the world, easily identifying them on a map.

It sometimes happens that I feel uncomfortable if there are no trips in my plans. I can’t live for six months without studying the culture of another country.

And drawing up the routes brings me pleasure especially. In general, I have a real dependence on travel.

It seems to me that journey is, first of all, a very useful way to get out of your comfort zone.

After a trip, I return to the ordinary life renewed, full of fresh impressions and knowledge, in a great mood and with a different outlook on the world.

Once I put a goal for myself – to climb Elbrus because I wanted to test my physical abilities and set my personal record.

As a result of long preparation, I managed to conquer this top. After achieving this goal, my self-esteem has increased significantly. There was a feeling of self-reliance. I wanted to break the new records.

It is said that there are people, who having ascended one peak, try to defeat another one. These people have a completely different worldview.

Now I know exactly that only by overcoming my fear and difficulties, I become a self-sufficient person.

And the conquest of another peak makes me more enduring and patient. There is a goal, you go to it, and it brings an enormous happiness and satisfaction.

The research showed that those who engaged in a creative hobby performed better at work. There are several possible explanations for why this might be so.

Taking time to indulge in your favorite creative pursuit might help you recharge before heading back to work, or could also be a means to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, the knowledge that will benefit you professionally as well.

Those who engaged in a hobby also reported greater feelings of control and mastery.

So, a hobby helps us transfer the enthusiasm to every other activity we undertake. The feeling of fullness covers us and thus motivates towards new goals.

-By Nancy Cooper