Inability to Sit in a room alone


All of humanity’s problems
stem from man’s
inability to sit
quietly in a room



Being alone feels like a Bliss to me – But this urge to share my good times or the sad moments; that is always there.

We say love is in our Soul – the basic element of Humanity – and when I read this; I feel, sharing this love, this human bonding is all we are about. ‘Alone-ness’ is a virtue, and is the peak of an individuals ‘Self’ – but Sharing is the soul of Humanity.

Your thoughts on it ?


  1. i agree being alone means being god everything you see i see everthings work in a combinations of two if you seprate a living thing and place it alone that will be a huge difference for that being as well as others to accept and god doent exist in human form they are stones or like some sorta beings not from this planet at all for the powers they carry and moreover humans who stay alone are judged and ridiculed and made fun who wants to be isolated we all re one united we stand divided all fall