In the space between…

Everybody says Love is the end,

But, somehow, to me, it always felt like a beginning.

While everyone is searching for reasons to fall out of love,

I only wanna fall in love with you,

And feel love for you,

I wanna run to be with you,

To just stay the way we are,

Thinking about the way we started off,

And looking at the highs in our graph.

I wanna put my hands on you,

To let my touch tell you the things I couldn’t say.

Silence in the chaos is what we are,

Let’s listen to it till your touch leaves me breathless.

The touch of your stardust soul

That came closer than my skin

And healed everything that was broken.

While I was getting lost in your eyes,

Your soft breath whispered a million thoughts

Under the moonlight, and between the heartbeats

I was getting lost in every one of those thoughts

That looked like you, that felt like you.

And that’s the moment, I fell for you,

In the space between

Your First Name and Mine!!

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