Important encounters are planned

Important encounters are planned

22 thoughts on “Important encounters are planned”

  1. The Seven Realities <3
    Existence, Love, Sacrifice, Renunciation,
    Knowledge, Control, and Surrender.
    Meher Baba <3
    "There is a place where words are born of silence."
    ~Rumi <3

  2. when the soul did something, the human should do the same otherwise, its just another encounter. When the body did what the soul did, the desire of the heart which is within the human soul is fulfilled..which means, your body, soul and mind will be ONE. When they are united, everything else is easier to comprehend and as fulfilled as the human heart, your views of the world and unto GOD will never be changed or shaken by other entity no matter what struggles comes across. Amen!

  3. Mine is waiting for me for so many years but I’m afraid of the unknown, the doors are being opened to me for several times but I’m afraid to go through, fear is holding me back.

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