I’m Popeye The Reader Man, My strength Is My Brains. Reading Books Gave Me Those Gains, I’m Popeye The Reader Man.

Tori DaWn LeDford

I’m filled with the knowlich
 ‘cause I reads my literich.

Mai Quesada

I draw my strength
 from the power of knowledge!

Charlotte Taylor

Price of Spinach has gone up,
 so try our new fresh books !! 
Just put them in your pipe 
and suck them in.
The girls will love your smart muscles
–  love from Popeye

Anindya J Ganguly

With an anchored tattooed flesh
I read adventures & quests 
To seed the courage & strength 
And conquer the tragedies & traits
That chains me from being well
In a land of the beast 
where none is a saint.
O’ my lovely Olive, 
I’m your Brutus wearing Popeye’s cape
With a beard & a bard, let us escape
From the maladies of our tragic tales.

Anjana Surendran

If spinach is to strength 
so book is to knowledge
If challenges are to be fought
 so experiences are to learn
If Popeye is the dream hero
 so let be the real hero.

Rinku Shah

Muscle power gets you ready for a fight,
The strength of knowledge is infinite.
Brawn limits,
Brain expands.
Strike a balance between the two,
Then see all that you can do!

Karthik Parthasarathy

I’m Popeye the reader man
I’m Popeye the reader man
My strength is my brains
Reading books gave me those gains
I’m Popeye the reader man.

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