Ignorance Is Loud, Brilliance Is Silent

Ignorance Is Loud, Brilliance Is Silent
Johnny Lee Sears Jr

Ignorance is loud,
brilliance is silent

Karthik Parthasarathy

Empty vessels make more noise,
Those who think, lessen their voice.
Where to speak and where not to,
Got to know what to do.
Use your brain and not your mouth,
Else, very soon, things will go south.

Rinku Shah

The more I thought,
This realization I got.
It’s only noise
when you blabber from the start.
To think before you speak
is an art.
Talking only if needed
is the hardest part!

Lulu Gagné Richer

One wise man once said

Ceona Chambers

The more wisdom we gain,
the quieter we become

Sulekha Pande

The weight of wisdom,
quietens us up.

Sherry Greene

The smaller the intellect,
The bigger the mouth.

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