If you could ask one person

If you could ask one person


As I read this, It sounds like so much of a super power question to me.

– Just one question could bring peace to me.


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  1. I would walk up to him and ask “why wasn’t I good enough to keep you interested in me?” Every beat of my heart and every breath I took and everything I did- was for him. I waited on him hand and foot happily… I changed everything about me to be who he wanted me to be… I just wanted him to feel the same way about me as i did about him. He was my whole world. My everything. Part of me died when he left… I just want to know “why”

  2. why did you lie to me R, shortly after we met you started to try to push me away and say it is my fault and then for some time I would have to bend over backwards to say and do what you needed me to do to make you feel better about yourself. After a while I realized nothing I would have said or did mattered because as you once told me you regret the amount of openness you have with me, which meant you always did from the get go and you kept moving with that until you got what you wanted, all the while keep saying it is my fault when I realized how much of a liar you really are with your fake promises and lies I caught you in to begin with. I often wonder how you can look at yourself everyday knowing how you purposely cut me down and kept telling me I am wrong for feeling the way I do when you yourself know those feelings are valid and allowed, but that is too messy for you to deal with, things can only be positive with you and wrapped up in sugar coated lies and live in a fantasy world, but this is the real world not some fairy tale.

  3. Petter he can aford people to consult with him and make him presentable why in th hell doesn't he hire the best to guide his crazy,mad, nasty toung into to a halfway likeable guy?

  4. Why one question only??? got lots & lots of questions….1st is how are you my best? Are you ok? Am i disturbing your life? Is there anything i can do to make you to smile and laugh often?
    And a lot more questions. One question is not enough.Wish had the guts and opportunity to ask my best…unfortunately when we are together i become speechless i fold and become shy and quiet.

  5. Aissatou Sunjata, the grief you had and still have is part of real life, we can talk all sort of super power, spirituality, love, peace etc etc — but all fall flat in practical life. This is my experience. Pls I have no intention to criticise or de motivate anyone. May you get strength to navigate through Life. I wish the same to myself.

  6. I did not read it as a super power question. Some folks may traditionally talk about asking God something or whomever. Yet, my husband was shot and yet did not immediately die, the question I would ask him has nothing to do with being super power, it has to do with loving him and wondering or hoping he was thinking about me or/and his newborn daughter when he took his last breath. It has been some 34 years and I still have it as my question I would ask him if it were possible.

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