If It’s True That We Photograph

If It's True That We Photograph The Things That We Are Afraid To lose

“If it’s true that we photograph the things that we are afraid to lose, then it’s saddening to think that maybe this generation, the so-called selfie generation, aren’t really just a bunch of narcissistic fools and attention-seeking people, but rather a bunch of individuals afraid to lose themselves. Isn’t it disheartening? That in this age of technology and fast communication gateways, there are more and more individuals that capture their own photos to preserve and have memories of who they are.”
— cynthia go // The things we are afraid to lose

9 thoughts on “If It’s True That We Photograph”

  1. If you are afraid to lose something(the thing not the benifit of the thing) then that means you love it. So really all this is saying is the selfie generation loves themselves, which tends to go against most mental health statistics on depression and anxiety for said generation.

    1. What if the depression and anxiety isn’t caused by lack of love for self but from awareness to the reality of what the world has become and the fear of not being able to change it? Plastic oceans, concrete jungles, processed poison foods, ect. I couldn’t say for sure but it makes me sad thinking about it.

    2. I don’t feel that it’s possible to love yourself and still suffer from them. You choose how to perceive the world, so if you choose to see the bad but lack the courage to analyze it untill you see the good, then that is your choice to see the world as a bad place and making your depression still in your hands.

    3. While I do believe perception does influence a lot things it can’t make the world a perfectly good place. I put myself in the shoes of a mother trying to raise her child in a warzone. I could say she appreciates her child more than we could ever know because she lives in constant fear of losing them, but that don’t make the situation good by any means. Good can come from bad but I fail to see how I can see 100% good in war, pollution, nuclear waste, poverty, and such without lying to myself or simply turning a blind eye. I don’t see the world, as a whole, a bad place but I do see the bad in the world.

    4. You aren’t that mother in a war zone though. While you may feel compassionate for her, your actual life isn’t affected by her suffering. It’s her job to figure out the bright side of what she’s going through. Not saying it’s not someone’s responsibility to fix some of the atrocities in the world, but feeling so responsible, about a situation you can’t personally fix, that you let your state of mind be affected does no one any good.

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