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    • People always told me that. And then i did think that ” my right one ” come. Granted, there were some boundaries he set, but I felt in this day and age, who does not have boundaries and baggage. I had learned much during my life, and felt that I could deal with things. Last week, he told me his charade could go on no longer, that he could not continue to hurt me ( though he treated me like a queen ). I had already known that serious tragedies had happened in his young life, but he seemed to stable and in control. Anyway, he told me, his entire life ( he is 70 now) he has been a ” seduction addict “. You’ll have to read about it yourself. I can barely speak, as I do not want to hear my voice. i want to melt into the walls, and it further intensifies my anguish at living on such an insensitive planet. He talked about ” being friends “. I will miss our conversations and learning new things together, so I don’t want to give up being friends. I just don’t know if that was a line in the script, or if he is sincere. Time will tell, though I did say, ” if we remain friends and I see that you are doing this to someone else, I will say WHAT THE FEK ARE YOU DOING ????”. I am a Sagittarius, and not only my own truths are important, I try to hold others to the honesty they say they are offering.