If Each Sign Came With A Sticker

If Each Sign Came With a Sticker
Aries – Caution: DO Not Provoke
Taurus – Warning: Could Be Stubborn, DO Not Negotiate
Gemini – Warning: Do Not Debate With
Cancer – Caution: Let Them Be/Treat With Care
Leo – Warning: Do Not Argue With Them
Virgo – Caution: Be Careful With What They Say
Libra – Warning: Listen To Them, They Might Just Be Right
Scorpio – Caution: DO NOT HARM
Sagittarius – Warning: CAN Be Deceptive And Manipulative
Capricorn – Warning: DO NOT GET ON THEIR BAD SIDE
Aquarius – Caution: Proceed With Care
Pisces – Warning: Unpredictable

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