I Was Told, I Was Dangerous

I Was Told, I Was Dangerous

I was told, I was dangerous. I asked why, they said, “because you don’t need anyone”. That’s when I smiled.

63 thoughts on “I Was Told, I Was Dangerous”

  1. Do not try your inner self is correct. You need everyone. :] not that every one is on the same page right now but lets pray they get there before they destroy the world. <3

  2. No, Humans need each others energy it is our food. Remember the devil was the first politician that separated himself from US by stating he needed no one he was enough by himself. ????

  3. It's true though. If you don't need anyone and can survive well then that's enough. It means you don't go looking for others and not finding them or being disappointed with them.

  4. I may falsely think I don't have needs..but we all have human needs~ mine are geared into more like wanted needs, because LOVE is meant to be shared…even self contented love!

    1. I would have that person who has the qualities to make me feeling proud of him as a lover coz I wanna give him respect and he has to do the same….
      and sadly i don't have any friend

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