I Rarely Open Up

I Rarely Open Up

I rarely open up. I don’t like to feel vulnerable or be misunderstood. But now and then I get to talking to somebody and something about them resonates with me — whether total stranger or old friend, in their presence, I feel a certain safety, a rare calm, and everything comes gushing out.

– Beau Taplin

14 thoughts on “I Rarely Open Up”

  1. Avatar of Eyra San

    This is how i am most of the time. It is better to open up to someone who is a total stranger than to someone who told they know you where in fact they really don't.

  2. Avatar of Interesting Theories

    Sometimes that trust can last and sometimes it cannot. I truly believe some of us come from different places. When I was younger I trusted way too many people. As a kid I didn't understand why people lie and do bad things. Then I learned its just to "get ahead" in this world. Keep at it people 😉 it gets better.

    1. Avatar of Lynn Hafferkamp

      Putting up a wall is only natural when you've been betrayed, but don't keep it there or else it becomes a prison. Only by taking that risk will you be free and grow stronger.

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