I often wonder what we have done to deserve this authority.


We humans feel as the highest authority on earth who decides who is to be free and who is to be locked. I often wonder what we have done to deserve this authority.
Those beautiful creatures especially lions, tigers and elephants deserve a better place- the wilderness to dwell. First we took their homes, cut down the tress and burned it and then en caged them. Tyranny I call it.
Why do we go or take our children to zoo? Don’t tell me for educational purpose, there is no education to be found in zoo. All you find there is pain, sadness, torture and death. Watching a documentary at home will give you a better education and when you feel like seeing one, go in the wilderness and watch them when they are free, happy and active. In the meantime you will also get chance to connect with the nature and enjoy true essence of life.
Now when you look at this powerful image change your perspective and view it from the eyes of the animal as if human were the one en caged, may be that helps to clarify things.
Every creature deserves freedom; imagine ourselves behind the glass……tough! Isn’t it? Animals are not mere source of amusement and no we are not the highest authority, earth is theirs as much as it’s ours.

– Loathsome Shamsir


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