I gave up on love until I found it – Mind Talk

I gave up on love until I found it - Mind Talk

I had given up on love – until I found true love.

I cannot even count how often I heard that line “Everything happens for a reason”, “Love will find you”, “Have patience”. I didn’t want to have patience. I didn’t want to wait until Cupid shoots his little love arrows around. The risk was simply too high that he will match me to some person that does not correspond with my frequency at all. Been there – done that.

I double checked the options I had. I could chase love and search desperately for a new someone in my life or I could simply give up on the thought to ever find that one matching soul I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Everyone tried to convince me with above mentioned “hopeful messages” and kept telling me to stop thinking negative. What they didn’t understand from my side was that my decision to give up on love was not a negative reaction because I was screwed over before. It was simply a choice to be grateful for the things I have in my life. I made the decision to be open to people. To be open for adventure. To be open for new possibilities. To see the world around me as it really is. With all the light and darkness within it. Letting myself be drawn totally into it.

This process went on for a while and it was pretty intense. Feeling so much on such a deep level can be frightening but amazingly beautiful at the same time. It’s a feelings of mixed emotions 24/7. Feeling totally happy and totally sad at the same time.

Right then when I completely aligned with the thought that love towards family and friends is always present but that a romantic relationship is simply not on my path – I found it.

It’s always like this. As long as you desperately want something and you do everything to reach that goal you will not achieve to manifest it. It’s like writing a wishlist and being too afraid to hand it over to the one who can fullfill your wish. If you would write a wishlist for Christmas. You would write it, put it on the chimney with some cookies and milk and simply have the faith that Santa will fullfill your wish. As soon as Christmas Eve arrives you mostly get what you wished for. With wishes you hand over to the universe it’s the same. You wish it and then you need to let it go. As long as you don’t let go of it the universe thinks that your wish is not ready to be fullfilled yet and that you are still busy with finetuning your wish.

Wish out of your heartspace. Let your heart take the lead. Don’t overthink what you wished for. Have faith in it. Don’t doubt the wish you have. Whatever you desire is meant to be yours – whatever it is.

If you are ready to really let go and to live the life you have in the way it is right now – you will have the frequency and the space inside yourself and your reality that the rest will be added to it.

It is really that simply. The question is are you ready to give away the control and to let the magic happen?

It’s pretty amazing to go from a space of giving up on romantic relationships to having a relationship based on unconditional love. People talk easily about unconditional love because it simply sounds so much better to tell something “I love you unconditionally”. It’s a pity that most people do not even know how it feels like to unconditionally love.

I am more than grateful to have the opportunity to discover, enjoy, experience and to feel the unconditional love that is given to me now and in the future. On the other hand loving unconditionally is the most beautiful thing I was ever allowed to do and to feel. Your whole world shifts as soon as you step into this place of uncontional love. It’s truly amazing and magical.

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