I don’t surround myself with people

“I don’t surround myself with people who are constantly positive, always smiling to mask the bullshit life they actually have. I prefer people who are real, honest and raw. I don’t want anyone who walks on eggshells around me. If your day sucks, I want to hear about why it sucks so I can help make it better. If you’re not really happy, don’t fake a smile on my behalf. I’d rather you spill your guts with tears every day, until your smile is real because I don’t care about the show, the disguise, the political correctness. If you’re in my life, I want you to be in your own skin.”

– Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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40 thoughts on “I don’t surround myself with people”

  1. True. But sometimes when you are battling something really difficult for a long long time, I think it’s ok once in a while to hide it. I wouldn’t want my children being so concerned over me everyday that it consumed their lives all the time. I’m real, I deal with it, I believe you have to try to be positive, so you don’t wind up sinking so low you can’t get up. I think it’s a balance everyday especially if you have gone through something that has changed your life forever. Balance, be real and honest , but know when it will just be to much for some types of people. That’s what therapy is for. Lol

  2. Being a positive person doesn’t mean you are not real…. it means that you make the best of every situation …. you can have a hard day but still be a positive person…. you just don’t dwell on it to milk every bad emotion from it. You chuck it in the fuck it bucket and welcome the next day and the adventure it may bring …. if too many bad days then change is needed not self pity and wallowing.

  3. There are too many out there who don’t like to be real because it might cause negative feelings or a bit of difficulty. They prefer the path of least resistance and their priority is maintaining the equilibrium at any cost. It has become such a norm that they aren’t even aware of this behaviour anymore. Bear in mind manipulators will prey on you. You can stay real but still have a positive outlook. Even more so!

  4. Me? I prefer to surround myself with people who have a bright and positive outlook in life who have a deep way of thinking to see the positive or brightness in a negative or darkness situations rather than the loud nega people who only sees the not so good in all aspects of a situation rather than focus in seeing the good & positive in each situations…just saying

    1. I agree with you. Inner strength is an ability to rise above the negative as quickly as possible instead of honouring weakness and hoping for that rainbow. We are in control of our emotions one hundred percent. No excuses…there is nothing uplifting about anything negative. To enjoy life one has to stay in that happy place as much as possible otherwise we become victims of our circumstances. We are more powerful than we are led to believe.

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