I Do Not Believe In The Idea Of Ladylikeness

I do not believe in the idea of ladylikeness.

I do not believe in the idea of ladylikeness. God did not create ladies, He created women. A lady is a construct, a product, a thing made in the image of the thing some men think they ought not to be. A lady exists only in reference to masculinity β€” she cannot exist without a man.

Being a lady is unnatural. Its hard work. Where a woman is, a lady does. She can never be enough, and is never, ever good enough.

A woman, on the other hand, is God’s good work. She is finished, she is complete, and while she is made of the same stuff as a man, she does not need a man to survive. She is strong. She has her own voice. She is enough.

And she is awesome.

-Jo Hilder

18 thoughts on “I Do Not Believe In The Idea Of Ladylikeness”

  1. A Lady is the same as gentleman ..you put efforts in perspective by being good at everything which acceptable by society's standards. But it doesn't say you have to be perfect still you can be you by being educated, well mannered etc. Like example be polite or respectful with other people's feelings πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ just sayin:-)

  2. Woman doesn't exist without man. I have never much liked the word lady til I read this argument. When you think about it, being a lady has nothing to do with man. It is better to be free of labels and accept people as individuals, each one unique in their own right.

  3. I'm sorry but this is a nice thought, however the term lady was meant to be used in status as in the feminine term lady for women and masculine gentleman for men, as well as title, for example Lady Diana versus Sir for a knighted fellow……it has been used as a description but no different than we ladies differentiate between a man we consider a gentleman and one we do not…..everything stated above could apply to men….being a gentleman is hard work, it is unnatural. Where a man is, a gentleman does…..Both men and women are awesome, let's not create more division where there need not be πŸ™‚

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