I Believe

My dearest friend,

This letter has been my companion for a long while. I read it when I think
I can no longer bear being without you. I read it when I am happy and wish to share my joy with you.  I read it when I look at the night sky and
realize how small and insignificant our lives are compared to the
unfathomable Universe. I have read it on your birthday and on mine. I
have read it for no reason at all.

This letter reminds me of how we used to be and how my heart would
squeeze so tightly whenever I saw you that I feared it would burst right out
of my chest. It reminds me of what I always knew was possible, that being
a love so dear and so sweet and so unconditional that only the Angels could
possibly understand how I felt.

I both love and anguish over recalling our time together; the memories we created and the ones I thought were yet to be. I go over and over in my
mind what I could have done differently, what could I do now to make you
see that we are meant to be together?

And yet, my dear, sweet Steven, I also know that what is truly meant to be, is what we have before us. That causes me to hope with all of my Soul that somewhere down the road I will not have to read this letter. I will be reading the love in your eyes each and every day, and the world will be a much brighter and kinder place.

Until the stars no longer spin, my love is yours,

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