I Believe

I believe in trees shedding their leaves tell us to let go.

I believe in roots growing deep to look within.

I believe the strong trunk shows us to stand tall alone.

Yes, I do
I believe the vast sky shows us the beauty of a large open heart.I believe floating clouds tell us to travel light in life.

I believe the air shows us the importance of being around.

Yes, I do
I believe the ocean washes away all our worries.

I believe shells bring us good luck and wealth.

I believe sand prints teach us the impermanence of life.

Yes, I do
I believe mountains teach us to achieve our highest potential.

I believe stones show us how to brave every weather.

I believe the meandering river teaches us flexibility.

Yes, I do
I believe blooming flowers confirm we’re all unique and beautiful.

I believe butterflies show us change is a constant.

I believe tiny seeds have the power like us to blossom and grow.

Yes, I do
The learning never ends,

So many messages Nature sends.

Life is not a chore,

I believe there’s this and much more…

Yes, I do

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