This Is Who I Am; A Collection Of Paradoxes


I’m almost never serious,
and I’m always too serious.
Too deep, too shallow.
Too sensitive, too cold hearted.
I’m like a collection of

-Ferdinand de Saussure


  1. Open and deep; white, pale blue orange green n yellow. Black is what am wearing but id like white all over. Nature is soothing and calming yet indoor is preferred. Id like to see and change and learn but i always goes back at the old me.Dwelled with myself and rather explore at times at different things. Different things amazes me sometimes ive learned to grow from there.

  2. I am likened to a precious stone that have been polished by the trials & tribulations of life. I shine like a candle to give light to the dark. But when the wind is strong enough i also lose my light but then again i can still be ignited with fire the moment i reached again my serenity. But i can’t do it on my own. Somehow, somebody should start up the fire for me to illuminate the darkness again.

    This just prove that no man is an island. No matter how good or smart or wise we are, we sure to need someone to be what we should or what we could.