How the Zodiac Signs Act When They’re Sad

How the Zodiac Signs Act When Theyre Sad

How They Act When Sad

Aries: When angry they will physically hurt themselves to release emotions.
They will remain quiet or hide about how they feel.
They try to mask it by acting happy. But, may vent to others even though they don’t intend to.
Their unusual body language will tell you that they’re upset but will not talk about it.
Leo: Some days they will be crying their eyes out or completely cold towards everything.
Virgo: typically comes out as irritability, can lash out or get upset easily over little things.
Libra: They shut themselves and write about how they feel or sit alone, until they’re okay.
Scorpio: They will throw hints at you, but are likely to create art or write something to show how they’re feeling.
Sagittarius: They are upfront about their feelings and act like everything is okay the next day.
Capricorn: They will be really quiet about their feelings and try to be productive.
Aquarius: They will engage in different activities or do something crazy just to be distracted.
Pisces: They don’t hold back how they feel but, rather will be concerned about you.


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