How To Make The Zodiac Signs Feel Loved

How To Make The Zodiac Signs Feel Loved

How To Make Them Feel Loved

Aries: Let them keep their independence. Make it known how much you adore how strong they are. don’t smother them, let them remain free and to do what they want. Boost their ego with compliments about their body.

Taurus: Give them space when they need it, but never let them go a long period of time without telling them something you love about them. Give them the time they need to process their emotions when they are upset.

Gemini: Leave them wild, let them wander. Don’t make them water themselves down, love them for how loud and out of this world they may be. admire them for the dominant personality traits that they possess.

Cancer: Always remain soft and consistent. Don’t let them go to bed upset. make it known that you will always be there when they are sad or need you. lend a helping hand when it is needed, take holding their heart seriously.

Leo: Be clingy and compliment them a lot. Randomly give reassurance even when they don’t ask for it. listen to them when they need to vent, never make them feel like a burden for wanting to be around you all the time.

Virgo: Little gestures mean the most. Little letters, cleaning the dishes for them, making sure that they are warm, etc. the more actions you use to show love, the better.

Libra: Show interest in what they love. They have a lot of knowledge and like to feel like they have someone to share it with. Don’t get annoyed when they have random thoughts, show that you want to be around.

Scorpio: Love the bad bitch energy and don’t try to tame it. admire their intensity and they will love you intensely. Don’t play mind games and be straightforward, otherwise they will leave.

Sagittarius: Don’t leave in the heat of an argument. they appreciate people who get it all out on the table. Express all that you are feeling and let them into your world.

Capricorn: Be understanding when they are distant, the last thing they want is someone who will make them feel bad for how hard they work. be supportive of their endeavors.

Aquarius: Try to break through their walls. Show that no matter what they tell you, you will stay. even when they are difficult, give them the time they need to come to you. If you stick around, you will become their favorite person and you won’t ever forget it.

Pisces: Show that you want to stick around. talk about the future, talk about your dreams with them included. Don’t leave them guessing, give reassurance and show that you love them every chance you get. don’t leave them wondering, listen to them.


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