How to Improve Mobility and Live Your Life More Independently

How to Improve Mobility

Only people with a loss of mobility can tell you how important it is. Read on to discover how to improve mobility to live a better life here.

Are you doing what you can to improve your mobility? Our mobility is vital to our ability to move comfortably in order to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, mobility continues to decrease as you age. 

Luckily, there are things you can begin doing daily to regain and improve mobility. Keep reading for tons of tips and tricks to improving your mobility so that you can live a comfortable, active lifestyle while working to avoid injury. 

1. Stretch Daily 

Stretching daily, and especially before, during, and after a workout is a great way to improve mobility and flexibility. This can also be a great way to warm your body up in the morning. This allows your muscles to stay healthy and can help you avoid injuries and pains. 

One of the biggest benefits of stretching is that it improves flexibility, which allows your joints a greater range of motion. By stretching every day, you may start quickly noticing improvements in your mobility. Work to routinely stretch both the upper and lower body for best results. 

Without stretching, your muscles can being to tighten and shorten. This can lead to injuries such as muscle damage, pulled muscles, and joint pain. Implement daily stretching sessions, especially around workouts, to improve your overall mobility. 

2. Pair a Healthy Diet With Supplements 

Eating well can help you avoid excess weight, which can lead to joint issues and a lack of mobility. Aches and pains in the joints are often a result of the body carrying around too much weight. Working to get to a healthy body weight allows you to decrease this added pressure on the joints. 

Excess intakes of sugar and carbohydrates can increase inflammation and are best to avoid when working towards weight loss and increased mobility. 

Foods such as broccoli, spinach, pineapple, and salmon all have anti-inflammatory properties that allow for greater mobility. A healthy diet will provide you will some of the nutrients you need to increase your mobility, but taking the right supplements can assist even more. Here are some great supplement options you should consider to assist with mobility issues. 

a. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a great supplement for lowering inflammation that may be bothering the joints. Adding this to your daily vitamin intake can help to lubricate your joints for added mobility. 

This supplement is also great for cartilage growth and helps support tendons and connective tissue. It can also help your digestive tract, which can help you lose excess weight.  

b. Type 2 Collagen

This is the most common collagen type found in the joints. By taking type 2 collagen, you can facilitate cartilage growth and joint repair. This can help to decrease discomfort in the joints that may be reducing mobility. 

Cartilage is similar to padding for your joints, and working to increase its growth is a great way to mobilize the joints. Type 2 collagen is also a great option for those with arthritis pains or those considering joint replacements. 

c. Fish Oil 

Fish oil is an essential fatty acid, which can help reduce inflammation and assist in lubricating the joints. Adding fish to your diet routinely can help you receive the benefits of this oil. Consider incorporating options like salmon, halibut, and tuna into your diet, which are all also high in Omega 3s. 

If you don’t like eating fish, you can get these benefits by taking Omega 3 and fish oil supplements. 

6. MSM 

MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, can also fight off joint pain and improve mobility. This supplement adds sulfur to the body’s system to reduce inflammation. It also helps to support collagen production and forms connective tissue. 

An added plus, MSM helps to increase hair growth and assist with digestion health. 

7. Work to Improve Bone Health 

Keeping up with your bone health can help increase your mobility and flexibility. As we age, our bones get thinner and lose density.

This affects our mobility, as the bones are more prone to pain and soreness. Better bone health can also help to prevent injuries, such as broken and fractured bones. 

There are some things you can do daily to keep your bones healthy, especially important as we get older. Integrating calcium into your diet with foods like okra, kale, spinach, and legumes can help.

You may also consider taking a daily calcium supplement. Calcium supplements with Vitamin D are most effective, as Vitamin D helps to absorb Calcium most effectively and efficiently. 

8. Mobility Exercises 

Consider taking yoga or pilates classes, as both work to improve the body’s mobility. With specialist assistance, you can learn tons of different movements that you can practice at home as well. This is a great way to integrate a few hours of active stretching into your week to improve your flexibility. 

Many mobility issues begin with the knees. Consider doing exercises such as squats, leg raises, and hamstring curls to strengthen your knees and increase their flexibility. You can easily do these exercises at home, as no weights or equipment are needed. 

Keeping mobility in your knees, while strengthening the supporting muscles around them, is a great way to keep this joint stable and pain-free. 

9. Best Ways to Improve Mobility 

If you want to keep your body healthy and improve mobility, keep these tips in mind. There are things you can do every day that can improve your flexibility so that you can live an active lifestyle without the pain. Begin integrating these habits into your life today to get the benefits that improved mobility can offer your body. 

Are you looking for more advice on wellness? Head to the health tips section of our site for additional information. 

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