Detoxing the Healthy Way: How to Choose a Detox Program

Detoxing the Healthy Way: How to Choose a Detox Program

Are you looking to go to a medically assisted detox program? If so, check out this guide to learn how to choose a detox program.

Do you have a hard time overcoming your alcohol addiction?

Well, a detox program may be just what you need. Detox is the process through which the body gets rid of toxic substances through natural or medically induced methods.

Regarding your alcohol addiction, a detox program will help flush the alcohol out of your body. Once you begin detox, medical personnel will help you manage withdraw symptoms associated with your previous addiction. The article below provides a few tips on how to choose a detox program. Let’s dive in!

How Severe is Your Addiction?

If you’ve been struggling with alcohol addiction for the last few years, you’ll require an intense inpatient detoxification program. You’ll be admitted to a hospital or rehabilitation facility under 24-hour medical supervision. An alternative would be to join a residential rehabilitation center until you get better.

For a first time addict, you may opt for out-patient or partial hospitalization since your problem may not be severe. The option is also preferable for people that have a busy schedule.

The Nature of the Detox Program

The main goal of medication assisted treatment is to stabilize the patient and monitor the withdraw symptoms. Below are questions to ask to help you evaluate the best detox program:

  • What is the success rate of the detox program?
  • Is there research supporting the viability of the detox program?
  • How long is the treatment plan?
  • What steps are taken to prevent patient relapse?
  • What kind of support services does the facility offer? Some people may require counseling services.

You will also have to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. For instance, you may seek reviews from independent websites or people who have used the program. The facility that you visit must be licensed and accredited by relevant government agencies.

Availability of a Support Network

Family and friends can be a source of motivation for people fighting alcohol addiction. If you have a supportive family, you should choose a rehabilitation facility that is close to your home. Your family members will ensure that you abide by the treatment plan.

Your family will also help you cope with new life changes during and after the detox program. For example, they may help you avoid alcohol triggers such as your drinking buddies or being idle.


Can you afford the detox program? Rehabilitation facilities have different pricing strategies. Ask for a quote and inquire about any hidden or extra costs you might incur.

If you have an insurance cover, ask your insurer whether the policy will cover rehabilitation costs. Some insurers will cater for some, but not all of the expenses. This is a reprieve to recovering addicts who cannot afford detox programs.

Level of Comfort

Visit the rehabilitation center to evaluate the level of comfort accorded to patients. Even though you may not afford a luxury facility, an uncomfortable facility might significantly affect your recovery process.

Detox Today to Get Your Life on Track

Alcoholism affects not only your life but also that of close family. Join a detox program today to overcome your addiction and get your life back on track. 

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