How To Attract Each Zodiac Sign

How to Attract Each Zodiac Sign

How To Attract Them

Aries: Make them laugh and discuss things that you hate with each other.

Taurus: Invite them out and ask them about their music taste.

Gemini: Be kind of dominating, but not in a bad way and ask them weird questions.

Cancer: Go up and talk to them confidently, but don’t rush into it.

Leo: Compliments and humor go a long way, but not corny ones.

Virgo: Approach them first and be nice. Virgo’s hate cheesy sh*t.

Libra: Talk to them about tv or movies, be funny and kind of dorky.

Scorpio: Be funny, but different. Ask them to go weird places with you.

Sagittarius: Be mysterious and intense.

Capricorn: Avoid small, they love deep conversations.

Aquarius: Try to relate to them, as much as you can.

Pisces: Look into their eyes.

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