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How The Zodiac Signs Self-destruct

How The Zodiac Signs Self destruct

How The Zodiac Signs Self-destruct –

ARIES: Ignoring helpful advice just because it wasn’t your own idea

TAURUS: Holding out for apologies that are never going to come

GEMINI: Making decisions for the stories, not for your well-being

CANCER: Sharing your kindness with people who make you feel small

LEO: Not being able to feel proud of an accomplishment until enough people tell you that you should

VIRGO: Missing good opportunities while waiting for the perfect one

LIBRA: Asking people if they’re mad at you until they actually are

SCORPIO: Guarding your feelings so well that everyone forgets you have them

SAGITTARIUS: Ending potential relationships as soon as they lose your attention

CAPRICORN: Expecting other people to possess your level of common sense

AQUARIUS: Prematurely self-isolating because you fear rejection

PISCES: Inserting yourself into everyone’s drama out of concern

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