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How the Zodiac Signs React To “I Love You”

How the Zodiac Signs React To I Love You

How The Zodiac Signs React To Someone Saying “I Love You”

Aries: Was the first to say it. The other person was just saying it back. Unsurprised, but happy!  

Taurus: Big, gentle hugs and little kisses!  

Gemini: Says it back excitedly, and says/asks when they first started to feel that way.  

Cancer: “Really? Followed by happy crying and hugging.  

Leo: Simple, but excited “I love you, too!” Followed by big hugs and kissies!  

Virgo: Surprises self by saying it back, and kisses to make up for lack of positivity when they said it. They’re scared it wasn’t right, but it actually looks really freaking cute.  

Libra: Have most likely heard it before in past relationships not surprised. Smile kisses!  

Scorpio: Asks “Are you sure? to ensure themselves that they can trust them, then big. intense kisses  

Sagittarius: Jokes about it a bit, such as saying “I know you do, but I love you mooooooreee!” but proves it with intense kissies  

Capricorn: Was waiting to hear it. Feels proud they finally got to this point in the relationship, says it back, and they have a kissie session!  

Aquarius: Not sure how to respond, but doesn’t make it awkward. Smiles, and says something sweet back. And then kisses or hugs.  

Pisces: Excited and panics a little, but happy. Remembers dreaming of this moment, and says it back. Kisses.

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