How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Imposters

How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Imposters

We cannot do without sharing the picture of our dinner date meal. We cannot do without making a video while the driver is driving. Even though if it meant the phone hovering around the driver’s seat. We are not really this, yet we turn out to be. We are not the captions we think all day, we are not the filters for which we spend almost 15 minutes. Yet, somehow we are convinced that competitive posting is healthy living. 

No, it is not. You are sitting in a restaurant, and the real background story is that your boyfriend had a big fight with you. You were really upset, and to compensate; you wanted to change your mood. Your boyfriend was not really up for it, still, he had to agree, well! But on snap chat, you post this surreal caption with that meal; excluding your boyfriend. With that mirror facade of a photo, viewers believe how lit your life is.

You end up seeking validation from your viewers so that you can actually enjoy the moment, which you already are; by eating that delicious pasta. Even your boyfriend was sorry for that argument and had mended ways by now. Yet, your happiness did not come as a cherry on the top because you did not see any responses on your post. No reactions. You end up going home, disappointed.

It is not our fault. Seeking validation fuels our fire. This mirror image of a very splendid life we live is nothing but an illusion of the greater good. Like Social media, we are becoming our own impostors.

Sometimes, we do not recognize ourselves. Seldom do we know that we ended up spending over 45 minutes scrolling, scrolling, and even scrolling. We are so fatigued by this inactivity that we cannot get past that security gate to buy fruits for ourselves.

And worse yet, our grocery items are lying in the shopping cart on that app, yet we cannot check out. Because, Price is sometimes high, and it is making us indecisive, and concurrently,  we can afford Apple 12!

What are we turning into? Remember, We are still our own heroes. We can pull the plug before it is too late. Stop being an impostor to your own selves. There is something real out there. Have a concrete conversation with your friends, invite them over dinner. Make the moment enjoyable, don’t be a xerox of something you are not supposed to be.

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